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  • Decompression Bench
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    A proven safe and effective means to treat severe neck and low back conditions without the use of drugs or surgery.
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  • G2 Recovery Socks available at Greenbrier Family Chiropractic
  • A safe and more conservative treatment
    Spinal Decompression
    Offering a safe and more conservative treatment option that can remove the need for surgery altogether.
  • Dr. Trudeau's Platinum Blend
    Dr. Trudeau's Private Label
    ActivNutrients™ w/iron exclusive formula and Magnesium Malate Chelate is now available here our "Dr. Trudeau's Platinum Blend" private label.
  • Fusion Orthotic Sandals available at Greenbrier Family Chiropractic

We offer:

Traditional chiropractic care as well as non-popping, non-force adjustments.

Chiropractic care is:

Drug free, safe and effective, 100% natural and has always been "Green".

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Expert Treatment

Headaches, arthritis and pinched nerves. Pain in the back, arms, legs and neck.

Lynnea, Teacher from Chesapeake
“The staff is amazing! They helped me through nutrition and adjustments from the first visit. My anxiety and sleep problems were gone after a couple weeks of increasing protein, Vitamin D., magnesium, limiting grains and sugars. The staff treats everyone like an important guest. Thank you!”
R.D. from Chesapeake
“I am an eighty-year old retired R.N.. This was my first experience at a chiropractor. I have been seen by Dr. Jim and Dr. Kendrick for two months of treatment for shoulder and biceps pain. My experience has been very satisfying. I am now pain free and able to return to my exercise class and routine of daily living. Thank you Dr. Jim and Dr. Kendrick”
Amy S., Nurse from Chesapeake
“I don’t have migraine headaches. I can look over my shoulder now. I feel better all over. It helps me stay active as I work and swim”
D. Reese from Virginia Beach
“Total life changer! I was dealing with back pain daily and now it’s almost never an issue. Very thankful.”
JOverton from Chesapeake
“October 2012 my neck started to become stiff and for 7 months it became worse to the point I couldn’t move it any longer. I was referred to Dr. Trudeau who immediately started adjusting me along with Dr. G. and Dr. K (all are great!!). Within 2 ½ months of adjustments, exercise routines they gave me and the vitamin regimen, I feel 10 years younger without pain. Recommend them highly!”

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  • Directly from this website!

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